Finding the Best Orienteering Compass – Make Sure You Learn It

Finding the Best Orienteering Compass – Make Sure You Learn It

When you are on a hike, compass, navigational skills andmap are some essential tools that you need to have with you. The compass will tell you exactly where you are going or where you would like to go. Suppose you ever get lost on the trail, and do not have any cell service or GPS device dies, compass and map can be the best thingthat will ensure you make this home safe. However, how will you know what is the right compass for you?

Compass use is those essential fundamentals; one that has been left by a wayside. With the high-tech GPS technology and navigation systems, the majority of the people can hardly read the map nowadays, let alone rightly properly use the best orienteering compass. However, the reality is, circuits fry, batteries die, and you can’t count on the tools yet, particularly in rugged outdoors. An ability to use the compass or read map must come before pressing the buttons or installing the software.

 the best orienteering compass

Navigation tools throughout history in fographic

Although it is the broad-reaching topic, practice in this field can trump any learning you will get on the internet; here we will go over some basics on how the best orienteering compass work and how to find your way.

How this compass works?

The compasses are the most effective and most straightforward navigation tools available in this world, but the oldest one. Understanding how the tools work can help you to understand how you can read your compass. Today, compasses that we are familiar with are the plastic orienteering compasses. Moreover, these are the liquid-filled on the top of the base plate, with the markings over the edges to help with the map reading (small ruler and scales). There is generally the magnifier built in a base plate that will help with the reading maps. Arrow coming out from your compass all along your baseplate is the direction of your travel arrow and can be used for your guide.

The best orienteering compass is one common manual compass that are used even today. It gets the name from a rectangular plate, which this compass housing sits at. This place is generally clear, and features many markings and measuring tools that will help the user, mainly with the application to maps.


The problem is that the technologies fail sometimes. Phones break, servers crash, signals are lost, so without such gadgets or orienteering knowledge, we are in the dark.