Best Cloud CRM Systems: 2018 Reviews

Best Cloud CRM Systems: 2018 Reviews

Cloud CRM is what every company and organization needs to successfully manage its workflow and develop the business. Cloud based systems are accessed via internet and they give the opportunity to manage your business processes effectively and keep your data in a single unified platform, as well as have access to it anytime from anywhere in the world.

Using a cloud CRM software system you can access your data via various devices including smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. With the help of CRM systems you gain an exclusive opportunity to manage relationships with your clients and continuously improve them. It is not a secret that customer’s role is a key one that your customer is the source of your income so you should nurture and keep them not to lose even a single customer and so many potential ones your customer can bring, who is in fact a real promoter for your business. You can also automate processes, organize your contact information better, and optimize the overall workflow and so on. All these steps save you a lot of time, energy and finance, giving an opportunity to focus on other tasks and issues. Now let’s find out what are the best cloud-based software systems according to the experts and users.


Bpm’online is definitely the top 1 system according to the majority of ratings of 2017 and so many awards received this year. Interested? Check the following link out

Being recognized as the top 1 system in the market rich of so many software systems is not easy, but this system has proved its effectiveness. This cloud-based software is an all-in-one solution which can be used for almost every industry without any need to pay additional fees for servers and hardware. It offers full automation, client relationship management, technical support, and knowledge and document management and so on. Mobile access provided by Bpm’online is a real benefit and a great feature that users love and enjoy so much.


Salesforce a cloud-based management system designed for organizations of any size to boost marketing and sales. It offers a range of useful tools to leverage business, including marketing automation, business process and sales management, client relationship management, tracking and analytics, as well as integration opportunities with many apps and systems. This CRM tool is definitely one of the most complete ones, it is also famous for its user-friendly interface and super secure database. The only problem with it according to users is its customization and pricing.

ProsperWorks CRM

ProsperWorks cloud CRM solution is unique CRM software famous for its features and tools, it allows businessmen and salespeople all over the world manage their customer database, manage leads and opportunities, have a complete view of a customer, advertize and forecast. The platform allows you to manage your sales pipeline, track leads, integrate with other systems, and manage calendar events. It is really easy-to-use, integrate and customize, and one of the greatest advtantages is that the system is embedded with Gmail.