Get Rid Of Side Effects with These Simple Steps

Get Rid Of Side Effects with These Simple Steps

Dianabol is a very famous commonly used steroid known for its well-known properties of protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.

Though Anabolics are known for their strength enhancing capabilities, there is other side to it, not to forget their side effects. Doctors have been cautioning about the possible negative effects of Dianabol although agreed to the massive health advantages that it offers. It needs a bit of more caution and care and professional supervision by an experienced practitioner to see a outcome.

How to overcome its side effects:

  • Gynecomastia: One of the two main side effects of this steroid is Gynecomastia. This is a process of release of estrogen hormone in men which results in breast enlargement. This is due to hormone aromatization which happens over a period of time. Though it is not evident in all cases, some sensitive bodies may have to get their glands removed and for some aromatase inhibitor may have to be given to avoid it. So know your body type and if it is too sensitive stop using immediately if you find any signs of breast enlargement.

  • Water retention: This is a quality where water is tend to be retained in the body and as a result looks bloated. This is again the result of Estrogen hormone releasing in multiple quantity. You can use aromatase inhibitor to reduce bloats. As famously said, Prevention is better than cure. So as soon as you notice minor bloating it is better to stop using the steroid and consult a physician. It is also advised not to eat too much of carbs since it also causes water to stay in the body. This says proper diet intake is a crucial part.
  • High BP: It also increases blood pressure if taken on a higher end and advisable to stay away from this steroid for people already having high BP.
  • High cholesterol: Same applies to cholesterol levels also. If you already have high cholesterol it is better to avoid the drug. Whereas a healthy body can afford to take it in permissible level.

 Over all, it has to be understood that it should be taken in limited quantity in order to overcome minor side effects.