Many anchor tenants are located near the shopping mall

Many anchor tenants are located near the shopping mall

You can find the bakeries like Swiss bake and cedele which are located in the shopping centre of the hillV2. The icons shopping of Bukit Panjang plaza which is located near the LRT and MRT station of Bukit Panjang by CapitaLand. The residents who live along the Upper Bukit Timah gave found that the Bukit Panjang Plaza as the one-stop destination for their shopping. A large number of clients are provided with the best services at the shopping mall because it is very popular. There are many anchor tenants who are located within the shopping mall. The newly renovated NTUC fair price is included at Bukit Panjang Plaza for some of the anchor tenants. The Daiso and time zone are also included for the other anchor tenants at Bukit 828. The revenues of the company can be increased based on the performance as per the financial perspective.

Achieve the objectives:

The profit margins are expected at the Roxy-pacific holdings due to the growing economy at Singapore. The development sites will be launched by the company taking several aspects into consideration. The stakeholders are able to achieve the objectives with the assurance of the management grounds who are working to make the proxy-pacific holdings as a profitable company. The unique facilities are provided at Bukit 828 like clubhouse, guard house, tennis house and playground etc. The facilities are provided by the company to entertain the full family so that they can indulge in a beautiful lifestyle in the heart of the hill view. You can find a variety of dining options which are available at the shopping mall like Mac Donald’s and Sales sushi etc.

Versatile conferences:

A new mall is recently opened at the Hillion MRT station called as the hillion mall opened by Sim Lian. The residents can start shopping at the shopping mall is linked directly to the Bukit Panjang integrated transport hub. The retail space is spread equally across all the four storeys in the mall. The heart of historical Katong is considered to be a major project of the group. There are some irresistible outlets which are available for the purpose of wine and dine. The versatile conferences organised in the hotels are up-to-date for meetings, seminars, product launches and wedding banquets. The corporate social responsibility is completely believed at Roxy-pacific holdings. The staff members will have the facility to raise their concerns with confidence to the chairman of the group.