The Importance of Stretching

The Importance of Stretching

Too many athletes of all levels walk right past the stretching area of their local gym or fitness center and jump straight into their workout. Sometimes literally! And while you may think that stretching isn’t important and that it has nothing to do with your workout routine, this article has some information which might just change your mind.

Weights Training

Let’s begin with the type of athlete who is the most likely to not only walk past the stretching area but to smirk as they do. Heavy weight trainers.

However, as any serious weights trainer knows two things, the Groupon Coupons page for Bally’s Atlantic City can save you serious money on your gym membership, and getting the most out of each session and ensuring physical safety depends on your posture.

Stretching the right muscles prior to your weights training session is an easy way to give the relevant muscles the flexibility they need to activate immediately and help you keep your posture in check from the get-go.

Improve Your Swing

It doesn’t matter if you are training for golf or for baseball, how well you perform at the sports depends on the power of your swing.  While there is no substitute for practice and technique refinement, stretching is the best way to open up your core muscles and get them in the best position ready to support you during your swing.

With your core muscles stretched and ready, your training sessions become more productive and your swing becomes much more solid and controlled.

Reduce Your Recovery Time

Have you ever tried to walk the morning after leg-day and realized that you need to call in sick to work because you’re sure that you won’t ever stand up again? That’s called lactic acid, and it hurts. It’s your bodies response to you breaking your muscles and it will be around while your muscles heal.

While you may not like to hear it, do you know the easiest way to not only minimize the next-day pain but also boost your actual recovery time? That’s right! Stretching!

Stretching before and after all of your workouts opens your muscles and gets them ready prior to your workout, and also helps to release engaged muscles and tension after your workout has been completed, helping you to pull up faster the next and grow stronger muscles.

Which muscles should you stretch?

If you have read this far then it is safe to assume that you have come to realize the benefits of stretching and you’re now looking for information on which muscles to stretch.

The best advice is to obviously stretch the muscles that you will be wanting to build, however, be sure to also stretch the support muscles. For example, if you need to hold a certain position to tense one particular muscle, be sure to stretch those supportive muscles prior to your routine.

When it comes to your workout sessions, it’s important that you get the most out of each session and don’t waste your time and energy. Stretching is a great way to help you maximise the benefits you receive from each session along with helping to reduce the pain involved in your sessions.