New mums fitness guide

New mums fitness guide

New mommy? We know exercise must be the last thing on your mind when you’re still maneuvring between never-ending things to do for your bundle of joy. So it’s no wonder that many new mums don’t even think about losing some pregnancy pounds so as to be back in skinny jeans again.  That being said, let us remind you that adhering to a regular exercise can work wonders for your physical and mental health benefitting you and your bundle of joy.

Before you begin

Run through this checklist after your post-natal checkup about 6 weeks after birth.

Have you had a ‘Rec Check’? This tests whether your rectus abdominus, or tummy muscles, isolated amid pregnancy.

If you’re still breastfeeding, feed your baby before exercise always wear women’s active wear like sports bra. You can pick cheaper women’s active wear online and from south bay gym.

Read on for a few simple ideas to bring back the ‘old you’.

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Walk it out

An ideal ‘Baby and me’ fitness option. Go for a hike or an evening walk to the zoo, park or even to a mall nearby. Walking tall allows more oxygen to enter your diaphragm. For tummy toning, wear a waist shaper belt and pull in your abs firmly. You can even try out women active wear you can purchase online.

Good Clean Workout goes a long way

Mopping not only cleans your floor but helps to burn some calories too. Try squatting up and down while cleaning cabinets, and lunge while vacuuming. All you want is to shed that ‘extra’ you gained over 9 months, right?

Dive into the world of Yoga

Yoga classes are a great way to dive into the fitness worls, and you can search for the classes which will allow your baby too. Plus, you’ll get the chance to be friends with other new mamas and to hear their version of fitness stories. With many online stores around, you could cheap womens active wear that fits your size and shape. Just pick your fave and indulge in the world of yoga.