AWOL Academy Testimonials 2017 – Legit Or Scam?

AWOL Academy Testimonials 2017 – Legit Or Scam?

AWOL Academy is the most popular internet marketing training platform with different types of courses for different types of requirements. The most affordable course is priced at $99 while the most effective course is priced at $9997. They provide instructional videos, and with the high priced courses, you will get a coach for help. The high priced courses also guarantee a definite earning for the enrolled students after the completion of the courses. When you check AWOL Academy testimonials 2017, you will be surprised to see the extremely positive reviews from almost everyone. This will lead you to enroll or consider it a scam.

The Pros and Cons –

The tutorials are in-depth and going to help people with no knowledge of internet marketing to learn from the scratch. The 14-day refund policy prevents it from being called a scam, and hence, many people are giving it a try, and almost all of them end up completing the course. That is where the pros of AWOL come to an end.

The list of cons is bigger than pros and the first one has to be the prices of the course. The basic course starts at $99 where you will get an overall idea, but you cannot achieve anything. Hence, you have to take up the high priced courses with a price tag of $297 and $997. The $997 courses are intriguing, and the scope of learning and earning is greater. But you will eventually learn the hacks in their master and elite courses which are priced at $3,497 and $9,997. If you enroll in those courses, you will get a dedicated coach, but the prices are insane. Even though they guarantee $10,000 earnings in 3 months, there are several conditions to act upon to reach such targets, and therefore, it is risky to invest so much for a course.

AWOL Academy Testimonials 2017

There are also complaints from the students that AWOL Academy pushes to recruit other enrolled students and it becomes a networking chain of providing nominal jobs. It is true that you can earn money with your internet marketing skills that you learn only from the high-end courses, but it largely depends on the students, the strategy and somewhat luck. There is no reason why there should be so many extremely positive reviews on AWOL Academy all over the internet. It does seem to be paid at some level but it is not a scam, and if you have money and no job at hand, you can give it a try.