5 Major Benefits of Agile Software Development

5 Major Benefits of Agile Software Development

Agile software development as we all know is generally considered to be a method of developing software solutions, the websites, the web applications, mobile application and more focussing on developing high quality work increasing the business value. Through our blog post today we would like to expand and illustrate the benefits of agile in Software development business today velvetech.com. The benefits of agile software development include the following:

Allowing for a change: While the team is something that has to be focused on delivering an agreed to subset of the product features, there is still an opportunity for the team to constantly refine and reprioritize the overall product backlog. The new or changed backlog items can be planned for the next iteration providing a major opportunity to introduce and get things changed within a few weeks.

Focuses on the business value: By allowing the clients to come forward and determine the priority features, it makes it really very easy for the team to understand what most important to the client and it is on these basis the team can then deliver features that provide them with the most business values.

The Stake Holder engagement: Yes you have read it right. Agile provides its users with multiple opportunities for all the stake holders and the team engagement. By involving the client in every step of the project there has been a high degree of collaboration between the client and the project team, providing a major opportunity to the ones to understand the vision of the client. Delivering the software early and frequently helps in increasing the trust in the ability of the team delivering more high quality work and making them deeply involved in the project.

Improves the quality: By breaking down the project into a manageable unit, the project team can then go ahead and focus on the high quality development, testing and collaboration. And by producing frequent builds, conducting testing on regular basis, having reviews done during each iteration the quality of the product is improved as it helps in finding and fixing defects quickly and easily.

Transparency: The agile approach here provides the users with a unique kind of an opportunity for the clients to be directly involved into the project, starting from the prioritizing features to the iteration planning to the review sessions of the frequent software builds containing new features. However this is something that also requires the clients to come forward and understand that they are seeing the work happening in progress with exchange for the added benefits of transparency.

These were just a few there are a lot more to go. What other advantages would you like to add to the blog post above? Do leave your comments below we would love to hear from you.